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Math Skills
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The St. Francis High School Math Department has identified certain skills that students entering Algebra, Geometry, Honors Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Honors Advanced Algebra Trig, Pre-calculus, and Honors Pre-calculus classes should have mastered in their previous math classes.

Thus, at the beginning of each of the aforementioned classes, a mastery sills test will be administered. The purpose of the mastery skills test is to assess those concepts that students should have learned, and, in theory, should not have to be re-taught, but rather reinforced in subsequent math classes. The mastery skills tests are not for placement, but are intended to give students who may require extra help the information needed to be prepared for their class.

Additionally, questions like those on the test may be on each quiz and test throughout the year.

The Pre-Algebra Mastery Skills test is given to all incoming Algebra 1 Part I & Part 2 and Algebra 1 students.
Pre-Algebra Mastery Skills Workbook

The Algebra Mastery Skills test is given to all incoming Geometry and Honors Geometry students.
Algebra Mastery Skills Workbook

The Geometry Mastery Skills test is given to all incoming Advanced Algebra and Honors Advanced Algebra Trig students.
Geometry Mastery Skills Workbook

The Advanced Algebra Mastery Skills test is given to all incoming Precalculus 1 and Honors Precalculus students.
Advanced Algebra Mastery Skills Workbook

For all students enrolled in Calculus, there is a summer review packet that should be worked on. Although you will not be given a Mastery Skills test, you can expect quizzes covering that material during the first week of school.
Calculus Summer Assignment

We advise that each student do the practice test at the beginning of the workbook (which can be found by clicking on the name of the Mastery Skill) to identify which skills they need to review and then work through corresponding practice problems. It is also suggested that students do the practice test at the end of the workbook the week before school starts to make sure that they have retained the information.

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