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"The world is a great stage on which God displays
His many wonders

St. Francis of Assisi
Families are drawn to St. Francis High School for many reasons.  We offer a challenging curriculum with an emphasis on college preparation.  The size of St. Francis allows for individualized attention.  Parents looking for a place where their children will be respected and challenged rather than getting lost in the crowd will find that at St. Francis High School.  If these ideas resonate with you, we invite you to come and visit St. Francis High School.
Please join us for our Fall Open House to be held on Sunday, October 23, 2016 at 11:00 a.m. and Wednesday, November 16, 2016 at 6:00 p.m.  You're invited to experience academic department presentations and a Curricular and Co-Curricular Information Fair.  Come see everything St. Francis High School has to offer!
The Admissions team encourages your son or daughter to visit St. Francis High School for a Shadow Day, taking place on select days this fall through spring.  Please visit to register. 
Parents of prospective students are invited to Tuesday Tours, in which coffee will be served and a tour of St. Francis High School will be given by the Director of Admissions.  Please call (630) 668-5800, x1120 to reserve your space.  
-Maureen Isphording, Director of Admissions

"I am St. Francis"
Alumni Faculty & Staff

It says a lot about a school when its graduates want to come back and serve the next generation of students and families.  St. Francis High School has a history of alumni returning to their alma mater with the goal of having an impact on students in the same way teachers and coaches did for them.  Jeff Gerdeman '87, Director of IT states, "The people are what make St. Francis truly a special place.  Our students are well-rounded; they are smart, athletic, talented in the arts, and faithful.  My colleagues are equally well-rounded - smart, dedicated, and committed to their profession."  According to English Department Chairperson Mary Pratscher '93, "I love the family feel of St. Francis, it is a place in which the community wants what is best for all those involved, both individually and collectively." 
When the St. Francis alumni get together, the graduates find it easy to discuss their fondest memory and how the community has always felt like 'family.'  Beth Erazmus '89 Wiborg says, "my fondest memory is meeting my husband!  His lunch table was right next to mine.  I also love how the faculty then and now is truly invested.  Teachers want to elevate the students to be the best they can be."  Social Studies Department Chairperson and Co-Director of Activities Kate Michel '92 Kowalski says, "my favorite memory is that I made lifelong friends that I am just as close with today; I am the person I am because St. Francis has literally been part of half my life, and I have no regrets."  Thank you alumni for sharing your talents with St. Francis High School!
Front Row (L to R) Beth Erazmus '89 Wiborg, Kate Michel '92 Kowalski, Christine Paolella '08, Becky Feltes '97 Fischesser
Back Row Matt Gorski '04, Mike Lynch '77, Jay Olaszek '91, Jeff Gerdeman '87, Mary Pratscher '93
Not Pictured: Kate Kolasinski '95 Doane

Only at St. Francis High School
Business & Technology Department

Dale Carnegie once said, "Learning is an active process.  We learn by doing. Only knowledge that is used sticks in your mind."  This philosophy is one in which the Business and Technology embraces at St. Francis High School.  The Business and Technology department boasts 11 courses, including Accounting, Business Communications, Marketing Management, Computer Hardware, and Honors Programming in JAVA, just to name a few.  Every teacher worked in the business world and came back to education, offering worldly, real-life experience to St. Francis students. 
Department Chair Mike Lynch states, "in all my classes I will have as true to life simulations as possible."  For example, the introductory Consumer Education course has a stock market simulation in which students learn how to trade on the stock market.  In the simulation, each student group has a $150,000 portfolio. Last year a stock trading team won the title in the region with a 67% return on investment.
Another opportunity offered to Business students includes a St. Francis/Microsoft "Start-Up Day" taking place November 15, 2016.  According to Lynch, "Microsoft has seen the success we've had and we have a great relationship due to our involvement with the Surface Pro devices." During the one-day event, students will develop a business plan and pitch to Chicagoland business leaders.  The Business and Technology Department provides real-world application that is developing business and technological skills for tomorrow and beyond.

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Upcoming Events
October 23 
Open House @ 11:00 am

October 29 
S.A.D.D. Haunted House; Doors open @ 7:00 p.m.
Age 13 and under must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

November 16 
Open House @ 6:00 pm

January 14
Feast of St. Francis
We hope you enjoy our talented choir singing the prayer of St. Francis

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