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 "Spiritual joy is as necessary to the soul as
blood is to the body.

St. Francis of Assisi

Matthew Kelly says, "Where we feel accepted, we thrive. Where we feel accepted, we bloom." The author's quote captures the essence of how St. Francis elevates each student during high school.
What are your dreams for your child during high school? What purpose do you hope high school serves? High school students should do more than put their head down and survive each day. Imagine your child thriving instead of surviving, then carrying that success to college. Passing the baton from middle school to the right high school environment is the critical part of a successful next step.
Since our last newsletter, I've continued to receive multiple requests for shadow visits and meetings. So it bears repeating: Even if your child did not test at St. Francis, you may still discuss admission. If you have questions or wish to inquire about next steps, you may contact me directly or visit our Admissions tab on the St. Francis website at
We are busy with and delighted by our 7th grade shadow visitors. If your 7th grader would like to shadow for a full or partial day, please call me to discuss your child and reserve your space (630) 668-5800 x1120. As always, I welcome you for coffee and a tour of St. Francis High School. Tuesday Tours are 9:00-10:00 a.m. or any other convenient day. 
-Maureen Isphording, Director of Admissions

"I Am St. Francis"
The Student Perspective: Thriving in High School

Alex Rueth, Class of 2018
Congratulations to junior Alex Rueth, who received a perfect score of 36 on the ACT. 

1.  Your grade school:

St. James the Apostle, Glen Ellyn  

2.  Your current activities at SFHS:

Basketball, Volleyball, National Honor Society, Student Ambassador Leadership Team, Students against Destructive Decisions (S.A.D.D., Executive Board), Future Spartan Host  

3.  Your most challenging and enjoyable class:

My most challenging class is Honors English 3 with Mr. Gorski. Mr. Gorski's class is my most difficult because we focus on in-depth analysis and high-level thinking, so all of our reading and writing requires great attention to detail and an understanding of a lot of material. My most enjoyable class is Advanced Placement Statistics with Dr. Bonvallet.  I enjoy it so much because Dr. B. does such a good job as a teacher.  He makes sure everyone understands the material before moving on, and he uses different activities to demonstrate how the class applies to the real world, which makes it more interesting on the whole.

4.  Best thing about SF:

The best thing about St. Francis is the community. I know that everyone talks about this specifically, but it really is what makes St. Francis so enjoyable.  

5.  How SFHS prepares you for the next level:

St. Francis is definitely preparing me for college, and I also can speak from the experiences of my siblings.  They are triplets, and all freshmen in college this year, and all St. Francis alumni.  They have spoken to me about how they have come into classes ahead of their peers. I know St. Francis does a nice job of instilling study habits and the knowledge necessary to succeed at the next level. [Note: Alex's siblings attend Northwestern University, Loyola University Chicago, and University of Illinois at Chicago]

Madeline Derango, Class of 2017
Congratulations to senior Madeline Derango, who won the Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship for outstanding scholarship, leadership, and service. 

1.  Your grade school:

St. Walter Catholic School, Roselle

2.  Your current activities at SFHS:

Marching Band (Clarinet), Pep Band (Clarinet), Jazz Band (Saxophone), Concert Band (Clarinet); Math Team; Student Government (Executive Board); National Honor Society (Officer); Scholastic Bowl

3.  Your most challenging and enjoyable class:

Advanced Placement U.S. History was my most enjoyable class and most challenging during sophomore year. It was my favorite because I love history. There were a lot of analytical primary sources, and I enjoyed that.  It was a great introduction to what I will eventually be studying in college, which is English and History.

4.  Best thing about SFHS:

You can do so many activities, and for a small school that is big.  Other friends that I have at other schools don't have the same opportunities.  It's really well thought out here.

5.  How SFHS prepares you for the next level:

Students are placed in courses that are challenging.  We have such great teachers that prepare us. Teachers are constantly telling us what the next level will be like, especially Ms. Pratcher (Honors English). Her class is total preparation for college. She sets high expectations, and we are writing collegiate-level papers. SF teachers know what they are doing, and that really helps us.

Only at St. Francis High School
Spartan Olympics Cap off Catholic Schools Week

5 TEAMS ...
Freshmen vs. Sophomores vs. Juniors vs. Seniors vs. Faculty
Musical Chairs, Tug of War, Dodgeball, Relay Race, and Jeopardy Questions 
Spartan Olympics is a game changer. The setting is Spyglass Athletic Center. The mood is competitive. And the sound is thunderous, with two senior emcees, Pep Band, and Music Ensemble Rock Singers riling up the crowd. Seas of classmates wearing class colors cheer their student team. And the teachers, usually devoted to elevating students, now fiercely focus on defeating them (even though it never quite works that way). This competition brings out our Inner Spartan.
Congratulations to the Senior Class Team, Spartan Olympics Champions of 2017, who took the Dodgeball and Relay Race events by storm.  Senior participant Connor Quinn said, "When we played Dodgeball against the juniors, I was the only senior left versus 3 of their players.  When we won everyone was jumping on me, it was crazy and an awesome experience."
Let's also recognize the new staff who made up the Faculty Team: Dean of Students Dan Holleman, Physics Teacher Dr. Tom Juliano, Math Teachers Ashley Swanson and Tom Sandlund, Social Studies Teacher Dan Page, Main Office Associate/Cheer Coach Brittany Esquivel, Boys' Lacrosse Coach Steven Korus, and Director of Admissions "Yours Truly."  English Teacher Shannon Bradt and Main Office Associate/Girls' Basketball Coach Melissa Taylor volunteered to bring their competitive edge to the Faculty Team. 
Although Faculty came in fourth place, they owned Tug-of-War, beating the Junior and Sophomore Teams in record time. "I especially liked the Tug-of-War. It was great," adds freshman Amy Wiborg. "It was funny watching everyone compete against each other but still have fun."



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St. Francis High School Fast Facts

Enrollment: 750
CLASS OF 2016-
100% of graduates were accepted to colleges or universities
Earned $33 million in college scholarships

79% of faculty have advanced degrees
Class of 2016 average ACT score = 27
Top 50% = 31
117 Full year and semester course offerings
34 Honors courses
15 Advanced Placement (A.P.) courses (81% of last year's students scored 3 or better)

98% student participation in at least one activity
24 sports programs: 12 boy and 12 girl
9th Place Division 2A State Math Team
63% of students participate in the performing arts
65% of students participate in athletic programs 

Provides opportunity for prayer and worship, retreats, justice and service, ministry leadership formation, pastoral care, and community building
SFHS Bus Service This Fall
SFHS will offer bus service in 2017-2018.

Routes will run as far north as Bartlett and Roselle, as far south as Naperville and Lisle.  There will also be a west route that will run from St. Charles to Batavia.  Further options will be based on need.

Students to arrive by 7:25 a.m. (Homeroom begins at 7:40 a.m.) and leave following Activity Period at 3:15 p.m.

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