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 "Pure holy simplicity confounds all the wisdom of this world and the wisdom of the flesh." 
St. Francis of Assisi

Best wishes to all the 8th graders who tested for admission at St. Francis High School. We are thrilled with the potential of so many talented Future Spartans.
Recently, I have fielded multiple requests for shadow visits and meetings, even though the Entrance Exam has passed. Even if your child did not test at St. Francis, you may still apply for admission. If you have questions or wish to inquire about next steps in the admissions process, you may contact me directly or visit our Admissions tab on the St. Francis website at
We are beginning to schedule 7th grade shadow visits and tours, taking place on select Wednesday's through the spring.  Please visit to register.  Additionally, I welcome you for coffee and a tour of St. Francis High School. Tuesday Tours are 9:00-10:00 a.m. for parents of prospective students. Please call (630) 668-5800 x1120 to reserve your space, for Tuesdays or any other convenient day.  

-Maureen Isphording, Director of Admissions

"I Am St. Francis"
The Faculty Perspective: A Few Words from Two Favorite Teachers 

Our "Future Spartan" shadow visitors consistently rank Mr. Schuller and Mr. Harper among their most memorable teachers. They each share their personal story about teaching below.

Mr. John Schuller: 31 years in education, 18 years at Francis; Religion III (juniors); Adventure Club Co-Moderator

"To be honest, I did not choose my subject area. All of my young life I had wrestled with the notion of becoming a Catholic priest, and I'd like to think that the Spirit chose me! I put off attending major seminary, but you could say that my lifelong religious training paid off because it got me the job here at St. Francis, and I've been loving teaching ever since. What I enjoy most is the frenetic energy that students bring into this place on a daily basis. It's contagious. I try to simply, unconditionally accept students wherever they happen to be in their journey. I try to provide a bit of 'safety' where they can explore their faith as well as their vocation. There is incredible power in acceptance. I leave the 'challenge' part to my esteemed colleagues who provide it in spades. It is this combination of hard work and prayer (ora et labora) that helps round out the students of St. Francis. I AM? I hope and pray that I AM SERVING!"

Mr. Mike Harper: 37 years in education, all at St. Francis; Honors AP American Government and Politics (juniors/seniors), Honors AP U.S. History (sophomores), U.S. History I, III (sophomores, juniors)
"Social Studies was always the subject that I gravitated to when I was in school, from 6th grade on.  But as much as I was interested in the subject matter, I was more fascinated by my teachers. I was lucky; I had great teachers. Daily interaction with my students is what I enjoy most about teaching. The classroom is a special place. Learning happens and, more importantly, relationships are formed. I chose to teach at St. Francis because I was Catholic educated my whole life. I believe St. Francis to be a rewarding and unique educational experience for both students and teachers. St. Francis has always been like an extended family. In many ways, I leave one home to come to another. How do I challenge my students? Well, at St. Francis it's been pretty easy because the students want to be challenged. I stay up on my subject, teach every day with enthusiasm, and emphasize a consistent work ethic, and the kids at St. Francis respond. I AM LIFETIME!"

Only at St. Francis High School
"I Got In" College Acceptance Success

Planning for college already? So are we, beginning day one of each student's freshman year.
We are hearing a lot of "I got in!" these days from seniors who are starting to hear from colleges. St. Francis students hear good news more than 80% of the time. One reason: students take their most challenging schedule and select honors and AP classes at the earliest year they earn placement. Here are five reasons why St. Francis uniquely encourages success when it comes to college acceptance: 
  1. 15 Advanced Placement and 34 Honors classes, including AP Studio Art and Business and Technology options to help students discern their college major.
  2. Foundational + Honors classes beginning in grade 9, offered without tracking.
  3. English + Honors English beginning in grade 9.
  4. Science + Honors Science beginning in grade 9.
  5. Multiple Math + Honors Math options beginning in grade 9.
Challenging themselves with AP and honors classes during all four years allows students the opportunity to present a competitive college application. And our impressive community provides support to each student along the way. Congratulations, seniors. Keep the good news coming!

Only at St. Francis High School
Congratulations to Our 49 Illinois State Scholars

St. Francis High School is pleased to announce that 49 seniors have been named Illinois State Scholars from the Class of 2017. Presented annually by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC), the award recognizes the top 10% of seniors in the state who also score at or above the 95th percentile on the ACT or SAT.
According to Director of Guidance Trudy Rigney, "The ISAC honors students who are among 'the best and the brightest' of Illinois high school seniors in the Class of 2017.  

The combination of their exemplary college assessment examination scores and record of high school achievement indicates they have a high potential for success in college."


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Tuesday Tours for prospective parents 
9:00-10:00 a.m.

January 26
Spartan Father's Club Scholarship Fundraiser and Wine Tasting Event, Glen Oak Country Club, Glen Ellyn, 6:30 p.m.

January 30-February 3
Catholic Schools Week

February 2
All-School Liturgy,
8:00 a.m.

February 3
Spartan Olympics, PM Assembly

February 11
Turnabout Dance, 
7:00 p.m.

February 26
Registration Mass for Class of 2021
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Feast of St. Francis
We hope you enjoy our talented choir singing the prayer of St. Francis

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Director of Admissions
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St. Francis High School Fast Facts

Enrollment: 750
CLASS OF 2016-
100% of graduates were accepted to colleges or universities
Earned $33 million in college scholarships

79% of faculty have advanced degrees
Class of 2016 average ACT score = 27
Top 50% = 31
117 Full year and semester course offerings
34 Honors courses
15 Advanced Placement (A.P.) courses (81% of last year's students scored 3 or better)

98% student participation in at least one activity
24 sports programs: 12 boy and 12 girl
9th Place Division 2A State Math Team
63% of students participate in the performing arts
65% of students participate in athletic programs 

Provides opportunity for prayer and worship, retreats, justice and service, ministry leadership formation, pastoral care, and community building
SFHS Bus Service This Fall
SFHS will offer bus service in 2017-2018.

Routes will run as far north as Bartlett and Roselle, as far south as Naperville and Lisle.  There will also be a west route that will run from St. Charles to Batavia.  Further options will be based on need.

Students to arrive by 7:25 a.m. (Homeroom begins at 7:40 a.m.) and leave following Activity Period at 3:15 p.m.